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Premium German Saunas and Steam Cabins


Hand assembling performed by skilled professionals from Europe


Only high-quality premium-class materials use


Over 15 years' experience in handling bent-glued components in «Schiffbautechnik»


The ROYALE design sauna is the latest thing in the manufacture of infrared sauna cabins. Its benches and backrests have a unique comfortable form suitable for persons of any bodily constitution since the design and form adapted to ideally support a human body have been developed with the participation of medical specialists.

A special inflection of any sauna element enables you to enjoy your sauna sessions and the gentle infrared heat with maximum comfort.

This sauna design can be easily adjusted in size from its minimum dimensions of 0.90 m x 0.90 m to any size according to our customers' choice and can be installed beside the shower cabin. We mainly use black alder and white aspen wood to manufacture our saunas, all timber products used being of premium quality. According to our customers' choice, we can manufacture such sauna cabins from other types of wood.


The CORNERA design sauna is a traditional corner sauna manufactured in the modern style. It is the unique sauna with the rounded corner that ensures the ultimate comfort and convenience. This sauna has been designed to be the most space-efficient. It is ideal for dry saunas, saunas with steam generators (BIO) and Russian banyas with wood-burning stoves.

The unique form of S-shaped sauna benches creates a smooth change of their width from 60 through 70 cm enabling comfortable sitting or lying down positions with straightened elbows. Ergonomic backrests are also available. The rounded edges of the sauna benches and protecting grids make this sauna cabin safe for family use.

This sauna design is perfect for corner sauna cabins or steam rooms having dimensions of over 1.60 m x 1.60 m. We mainly use black alder and white aspen wood to build our saunas, all timber products used being of premium quality. According to our customers' choice, we can manufacture sauna cabins from other types of wood.


Italian FURNITURE - we manufacture our high quality furniture using the latest technologies. We offer a range of kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom furniture as well as wooden staircases, doors and parquet flooring.

We produce solid wood furniture and veneered furniture from various types of wood. Furniture fronts are available in matt lacquer or gloss lacquer with a high covering capacity.

The furniture front panels are designed in various styles including the use of mirror lamellas or carved wood pictures.

A large variety of furniture fittings and accessories including fittings with electric drive and sliding door fittings.

Door panels are made of solid wood, high-quality block and veneered boards covered with protective coatings. Many varieties of wood are available. We offer a wide selection of both clear and decorative door glass inserts.

Wooden spiral and straight staircases with or without landings. Carved-wood staircases with carved and lathe-turned balusters and newels.

Professional equipmentand skilled personnel

Certain experience in the manufacture of bent-glued components for saunas and banyas of any degree of complexity since 1997

The accent lighting of sauna interior elements is located inside the wooden parts and effectively protected which ensures its long service life.

Ergonomics, comfort, and safety are hallmarks of our sauna design delivering the distinctiveness of the products manufactured under Jugendstil trademark.

The development and implementation of projects of any complexity at the highest level of quality - that’s our work style!

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